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≈ Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D. (EMB_010): Energy Medicine has been called the "Gray's Anatomy of the subtle body." It weaves together the author's fascinating story, the invisible world of the energies with which she works, pertinent research, cross-cultural understanding, spell-binding case histories, and most important a systematic and comprehensive program for self-healing and for keeping your energies humming. $17.95

≈ Energy Medicine Essential Techniques 3-DVD Set (EME_DVD): This superb 6-hour training series is designed to supplement the book, but also stands alone as a visual presentation of the self-care techniques taught in the book. The videos vividly offer clear, easy-to-follow instructions on the basic methods used in Energy Medicine. $69.95

≈ Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D. (EMW_B01): This book and companion DVD follows a woman's biological processes from puberty through menopause, the "second prime of life," focusing along the way on PMS, fertility, sexuality, healthy pregnancy, birthing, and the challenges and gifts of coming into the wisdom years. $17.95

≈ Energy Medicine for Women DVD (EMW_DVD): This four-hour, 2-DVD Set is a companion to the Energy Medicine for Women book. Learn to influence the flow of the energy by tapping, tracing, or massaging the body’s specific energy points and pathways. $49.95

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