Private Sessions

Eden Energy Medicine Session

The Energy Medicine approach's aim is to balance and restore your body's natural energy in order to increase your vitality, improve your mental strength and focus, and generally optimize your health. The techniques I teach are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Yoga, combining the most effective and strongest methods from every school of thought and producing a unified whole known as Energy Medicine.

The basic idea is simple: Your body's energies serve as a platform for good health and personal well-being. When you think about it, it's a logical concept. For your body and your mental well being to be in check, they need to have a solid foundation of energy to draw upon for strength and focus.

Private sessions will typically last about 90 minutes. This session will cover a number of points, including:

1. Discussing your intentions for coming to the session, reviewing what has happened in the time in between sessions, and talking about your concerns, state of well being and your energy levels.

2. Assessing the flow of energies through your body in order to get a lay of the land, so to speak, before applying corrective measures. Testing will involve muscle response testing, which has been adapted from the applied kinesiology field.

3. Applying corrective measures including various forms from light to deeper touches and direct manipulation of energy fields in order to balance and harmonize your personal energies.

Of course, everything that takes place during a session is handled in a professional manner.

Finally, I usually end a session with suggestions for energy practices and other measures that you can do yourself in order to keep your energies in better harmony and balance.