Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Five-Minute Energy Routine help with the healthcare crisis?

The Five-Minute Energy Routine is a low-cost option for staying healthy. It helps you balance your energies, boosts your immune system and assists in the management of stress -- all from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Can Energy Medicine be used for preventative care?

Energy Medicine is the best form of preventative care. We live in a high stress world where we are constantly bombarded with situations that test our patience. Stress is draining and leaves you vulnerable to illness. Energy Medicine helps you feel stronger and more stable.

What are the benefit of Energy Medicine in the work place?

There are several. Doing the Five-Minute Energy Routine improves concentration and helps you feel better about yourself. With increased confidence and focus you are more productive. And even better, you inspire the people around you to be more relaxed and productive too. The routine doesn't require any special equipment or a lot of space. You can use it on your breaks or get everyone involved and try it at the beginning of meetings or before group projects.

How does the Five-Minute Energy Routine affect job performance?

The great thing about the Five-Minute Energy Routine is that studies prove that it works. You and your co-workers can improve your organizational skills, math skills, writing skills and reading comprehension (Energy Medicine, Feinstein & Eden, 2008). You'll learn faster, understand more and communicate better. Energy medicine also helps you feel less anxious. Overall, it contributes to a more productive and healthier work environment (Irving, 1996).

Are there special benefits for healthcare providers?

The best cure is to not get sick in the first place and Energy Medicine goes a long way to preventing illness, plus gives you a way to cope with issues when if they do arise. Doctors and nurses can spread the practices to colleagues while enjoying the benefits of increased happiness, calm and focus. Good health and positivity is contagious.

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