Nurses, Stress and Health Care

Nurses are experiencing stress at a higher rate than most groups. Society needs tools that work for healing that are easy to apply, inexpensive, and have no negative side effects. Energy Medicine is one of these tools. Reductions in stress from doing the Five-Minute Energy Routine make healthcare better.

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"By practicing the Five-Minute Energy Routine, our energy fields will remain strong,
vital and filled with life force, and we feel calmer, healthier and happier.
" — Lee Benton, Ph.D.

Our society is undergoing unprecedented advances in the healthcare field. You have the power to use promising new knowledge and tools to become healthier. By doing so, you have the opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare system!

Eden Energy Medicine

Healthcare improves when we balance our energy systems. Eden Energy Medicine is scientifically based in the "biochemistry of cells, tissues and organs." However Energy Medicine works at a deeper level, too. It considers the more subtle life energies, including local fields, energy pathways, and the energy centers.

The Five-Minute Energy Routine

  • Is at the cutting edge of stress reduction

  • Is self-empowering and increases self-esteem

  • Improves health, decreases stress and works toward longevity (Oschman, 2008)

  • Increases strength and improves focus

  • Works on mental, physical and emotional levels to reduce stress and related illnesses (Eden & Feinstein, 1998, 2008)

Take the self-assessment quiz.

  1. Do you have employees in the workplace who need techniques and tools to handle their stress response?

  2. Do you have employees who need assistance to think clearer and become more focused?

  3. Do you have employees who need to feel calmer and act with more stability?

If you answered "yes," you're ready!

You can learn the Five-Minute Energy Routine in a three-hour seminar for businesses and associations. Once the participants learn the routine, they can do it in less than five minutes. This fun and informative presentation inspires people to conduct their own self-care and increases their ability to use the Five-Minute Energy Routine as a coping skill to handle their stress.

More Than A Stress Management Program

This program is much more than a stress management program. The principles and techniques participants learn are important for effective leadership, self mastery, focus and increase ability to work effectively with others.